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Schweizer Cup Handball Women: complete TV Schedule with predictions and tips, live scores and results

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We have official live streams and highlights for some leagues and matches. We offer legal and official video broadcasts. We adhere to all laws and regulations to provide quality content. Our website does not host any illegal or unofficial video streams. We provide the schedule on TV channels. We also provide links to our partners, where You can watch Schweizer Cup Handball Women live stream.
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What was last events on Schweizer Cup Handball Women?
Last 2 events are:
What channel broadcast in Switzerland?
In Switzerland stream such a channel like: SRF
What were the last predictions for Schweizer Cup Handball Women?
Brühl - LK Zug
Brühl - SPONO Eagles
What is the Standings of this tournament?

1Oberaargau WFrick W18 : 23
2ByeATV/KV Basel W
3Amicitia Zurich II WBye
4Arbon 2 WBruhl II W22 : 40
5Moudon WBye
6Oberwil WGeneve W15 : 24
7Lyss WSPONO II II W19 : 42
8ByeHerzogenbuchsee W
9Fides St. Gallen WTV Uster W15 : 21
10Olten WArbon W27 : 28
13Rumlang/Unterstrass WKoniz W30 : 33
14Winterthur II WAargau Ost W19 : 39
17Kriens WYverdon W20 : 18
18ByeWinterthur W
19Herzogenbuchsee 2 WRotweiss Thun II W32 : 26
22ByeZug II W
23Magden/Mohlin WWillisau W22 : 23
24ByeAmicitia Zurich W
25Ruswil/Wolhusen/Nottwil WAareLand W24 : 33
26ByeStans W
27SPONO Eagles III WBye
28Muotathal WLeimental W30 : 34
29Lausanne-Ville/Cugy WAargau Ost 2 W17 : 25
30ByeKreuzlingen W
31Zurisee WMalters W18 : 23
32ByeZug W

1Frick WATV/KV Basel W22 : 34
2Amicitia Zurich II WBruhl II W25 : 35
3Moudon WGeneve W10 : 36
4SPONO II II WHerzogenbuchsee W31 : 47
5TV Uster WArbon W23 : 28
7Koniz WAargau Ost W28 : 44
9Kriens WWinterthur W21 : 43
10Herzogenbuchsee 2 WRotweiss Thun W25 : 43
11Zofingen WZug II W23 : 33
12Willisau WAmicitia Zurich W12 : 34
13AareLand WStans W27 : 41
14SPONO Eagles III WLeimental W28 : 32
15Aargau Ost 2 WKreuzlingen W16 : 40
16Malters WZug W16 : 33

1ATV/KV Basel WBruhl II W23 : 25
2Geneve WHerzogenbuchsee W14 : 31
3Arbon WSPONO Eagles W22 : 32
4Aargau Ost WBruhl W23 : 35
5Winterthur WRotweiss Thun W36 : 28
6Zug II WAmicitia Zurich W25 : 33
7Stans WLeimental W32 : 31
8Kreuzlingen WZug W27 : 30

1Bruhl II WHerzogenbuchsee W25 : 24
2SPONO Eagles WBruhl W26 : 27
3Winterthur WAmicitia Zurich W31 : 28
4Stans WZug W22 : 34

1Bruhl II WBruhl W24 : 36
2Winterthur WZug W30 : 33

1Bruhl WZug W37 : 30
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